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Compositions by Kevin O. Groner

Mantra-CHOR(ona)-Composition, 2021,
sung via Zoom Video-Conferencing:

"Frühlingsfee", 2020, spring fairy is spiritualizing a businessman

"Corona-Song", 2020, at least in our minds we can kill the virus

"They will think I'm crazy", 2019, if I'm just myself.
Spirituality is still not common in the west.

"Mantra-Jodel-Vision", 2019, 
how could the world of Mantra combine with the world Yodeling?

"Mantra lokah samastah", 2018, may we keep on chanting this hymn of peace, even through difficult times

"Piano Piece No. II", composition with drawings from 2009.
Only by looking into our own shadow, we can spiritually awake

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